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Billing information

Billing and address information


We use electronic invoicing and we hope to receive invoices primarily in electronic form.

If your company or community does not have the ability to submit e-invoices, send the invoice by e-mail. The third option is to mail a paper invoice.


1) E-invoices


Business ID: 0796912-1

Online billing address: 003707969121

Operator ID: 003721291126



2) As PDF file in an e-mail attachment


If electronic invoicing is not possible, you can attach the invoice as a PDF file to the e-mail address:



3) Paper invoices and posts


Tavinsulka Oy

Syöttäjänkatu 1 C 56

40520 Jyväskylä


ATTENTION: Tavinsulka does not bear responsible for the collection costs of invoices sent to other address or otherwise delayed or lost during the postal service chain.



4) Delivery address of goods and customer service


Kivelänranta Watersport Centrum

Taulumäentie 47

40200 Jyväskylä



For your information: Google Navigator recommended to be set to "Tavinsulka". Based on address information
the navigator will guide you a few hundred meters off the right place.

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