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Tavisulka AirBelt is a CE approved, 100N rated buoyancy aid (Buoyancy Aid). When triggered, its properties correspond to a life jacket (Life Jacket), but it is equipped with a manual trigger, so it cannot be called a life jacket. You can read more about the regulations for water rescue equipment here:


If a SUP boarder wants to, he can jump into the lake to refresh himself, or if he falls by chance, but manages the situation and gets back on the board (canoe, kayak, boat), the AirBelt does not trigger itself, and can happily continue the journey. Once triggered, it forms a sturdy lifeline around the victim, under the armpit. The AirBelt does not need to be fixed in place, it naturally opens around the body. Here is the core of the development work,. According to our knowledge, similar products on the market must be separately installed under the armpit or around the neck, in addition to the manual trigger. The shape of the inflated lifebuoy allows relatively comfortable kayaking, rowing, etc. exercise to get back to the beach or home port. Re-arm kit is also available from us.


NOTE: Life jacket for sheltered waters and skilled swimmers (CE 100N). AirBelt can be used by anyone over 14 years old and weighing over 45 kg. AirBelt must not be used by a child under 14 years of age, or an adult weighing less than 45 kg.



AirBelt is the product of the development work contributed by the owner of Tavinsulka Oy, Béla Pavelka, PhD in Exercise Science, which took into account the special conditions of the waterways in Finland, as well as the needs of the SUP boarder. However, AirBelt is also excellent for other open water sports, such as kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing, sailing, rowing, fishing, etc. There are both positive and critical feedbacks about open water swimming. Some feel that the AirBelt is heavy, many appreciate its sleek appearance and inconspicuousness while swimming. Manufactured in cooperation with an international level factory specializing in the manufacture of sea rescue equipment. Béla Pavelka has defended the theme of developing open water sports (




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