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The right choice for being outside in demanding conditions. Protects from rain (waterproofness 8000 mm), wind, warms even when wet, sweaty, immediately when you pull it on. Edistyksellisen kangasteknologian ansiosta hengittävä materiaali  kuivuu ja lämpenee nopeasti. PFC-vapaa, DWR käsitelty. Muodoltaan on such that you can also change clothes under it. This is suitable for orienteers, skiers, snowshoeers, open swimmers, kayakers, SUP boarders, hikers, gardeners, gardeners, fishermen, ... Anyone who wants reliable protection "out there".

A longer jacket with good coverage and flexible side panels offer unlimited dressing room. 


The model is unisex. We recommend the size according to the height of the user.

Available in all seven colors, in all sizes. Due to the change in stock, please be in touch to ensure the availability of the color-size combination you want. 


Light, can be packed in a 10-liter dry bag or backpack. Several safe storage pockets, inside the jacket with a zipper, outside_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb5cf58d_magnetic closures.


See  introductionvideo here.

Red Original Pro Evo Storm Jacket

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