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Sauna experience, with lake swimming

We are sorry, the sauna is closed due to technical issues until further notice

  • 38 euroa
  • Taulumäentie

Palvelun kuvaus

The atmospheric beach sauna at our paddling centre is a log cabin near the city centre, yet in a calm green environment. It provides an authentic introductory experience for the sauna culture of Finland. Avanto, the ice hole to dip in during wintertime, is right in front of the door a few steps. The hole is about one metre deep, with a sand bottom, so it is safe to submerge also for non-swimmers. This scheduled programme is open for all, mixed gender, in swimsuit. The sauna guide is in service for the entire session. Please inform the personnel if you wish to receive introduction to the practice. The sauna can be reserved as full for private sauna time. Then genders can be separated and both male and female sauna guide is possible to arrange upon request. If you are in your own group, you may enjoy fully natural, without any textile, which is the traditional way of sauna bathing. For private sauna sessions also food and beverage service is available. Please contact for special arrangements. The sauna culture in Finland has been inscribed on UNESCO’s List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

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