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Regardless of the payment method, by paying for Tavinsulka Oy's services,
you accept the company's terms of service. Please read them before payment!

Equipment and their use


All our equipment shall be used with decent attitude and good manner. As our customer, you are obliged to report any damage happened to the equipment during your trip. If necessary, a specific reparation fee is determined. Customer´s self-liability is maximum 500 €. Self-liability is void, when the failure occurred during normal use.

Canoes, kayaks and SUP boards are designed for use on water only. It is forbidden to drag equipment on land. Canoes, kayaks and SUP boards should always be lifted and carried. Paddle should not be used for digging ground or the bottom of the lake or used as lever for lifting heavy objects. When you go ashore, avoid rocks and other hard, sharp objects. Sliding on the sandy beach shall be avoided as it also damages the bottom of the canoe, kayak and SUP board. When getting off, canoes and kayaks must be emptied and lifted out of the water completely, so that the waves will not grind them against stone or other hard object, or wind will not take them away. Keep in mind that kayaks and SUP boards equiped with rudder or fin under the hull!

Due to the higher wear of the equipment, surcharge must be negotiated before your trip if you plan to paddle on rapids. The surcharge does not relieve you of the obligation to use the equipment carefully.

Bicycles are equipped with hub gears and lights according to the Finnish traffic requirements. They are regularly inspected and maintanenced. Please report any experienced deffect to the reception of Hotel Alba. Please avoid pot-holes and direct bump to sharp edges, like pedestrian road side or large stones, rocks. We recommend you to wear helmets when riding our bikes. It is also mandatory according to Finnish traffic regulations.


Equipment are given to you in a clean and tidy condition. A cleaning fee of 25 € applies for each piece of equipment if returned in dirty condition.

AirBelt safety equipment has manual carbondioxide cartridge triggering system. Following unnecessary deployment 25€ refill charge applies.

We recommend paddling during the daylight time. When a paddler is on water between sunset and sunrise, a sufficient bright and powerfull white light in the instant access is a mandatory equipment. Please make sure you have one or ask from our personnel before departure.

For rental and transportation SUP boards are always handed over as pumped, ready for use, and taken back as pumped, ready for use. At the time of delivery staff member will help to pack, while guiding you to draining and pumping. In connection with the return, it is the customer's responsibility to pump the board / boards ready for use (22PSI pressure). On your request, Tavinsulka personnel can do the pumping at a charge of 25 € / board. Regardless this, the customer has to stay present and vitness the condition of the returnable equipment, which is confirmed on the rental form. This does not relieve from the financial responsibility if dammage proved.​ Any equipment is allowed to transport only in the transport bag, on roof rack or purposely designed canoe trailer. Due to high risk of dammage, transport of any equipment on flat-board trailer is not allowed. Rental of a canoe trailer is 45€ / day.


We will serve you any time, but note that when you want to leave or return other than during normal opening hours, we charge a € 25 service fee. The service charge does not apply to multiple day trips.

Customer operation and security


All our activities are carefully designed to provide you with the best experience, highest comfort and safety. By participating in the programmes of Tavinsulka Oy, you agree to be at your own risk. It is your responsibility to wear the provided PFD when on water. During guided programmes and tours, our personnel are the ultimate leader of the group. Her / his orders must be obeyed. Tavinsulka personel is happy to give you technical and safety instructions before you go on water on your own.


If you are uncertain about your skills on open water, we recommend that you first attend a basic course for beginner kayak, canoe or stand up paddle (SUP) boarding. We do not recommend self-guided open water activities, if can not swim. All our programs are also suitable to people with special needs. Please contact us for arrangements.


Minors are allowed to go out to open water only with the supervision and responsibility of a parent or a guardian. When participating on a guided programme, the minor is still on the responsibility of them. Only on programmes designed exclusively for children, takes the leader of the activity responsibility for them. We encourage young people to take part in youth activities with their peers. 


Tavinsulka is contracted Parks and Wilderness Finland (Metsähallitus) to respect the principles of sustainable nature tourism. We also proudly own the Sustainable Travel Finland certificate. We expect, that you, as our customer, will also respect them. We leave no traces behind in nature. Own garbage shall be carried out also from places where waste management otherwise arranged.


During guided tours we take advantage of the natural gifts; we fish, collect berries and mushrooms. Meals are designed for gourmet, on traditional Finnish way. When enjoyed in nature, it offers everyone a delicate experience. Special diets (vegetarian, diabetic, etc.) are also considered. Tavinsulka cooperates with local farmers along the routes to ensure fresh raw materials. Participants are expected to be active on water as well as on the shore. Camp setting, lit campfire, chopping fire wood, carry water, and other duties are done quickly and effortlessly with good attitude and joint forces.


The Everyman´s Right, free roaming and overnight in the Finnish nature, applies to our customers on the following conditions. To be entitled to the rights, also responsibilities must be respected. Usage fees for lean-to, saunas, and overnight stays (paid for Metsähallitus, or for the site manager) are usually included in our package prices. These charges do not ensure private use! In some places it is possible to book a reservation cabin in advance for a separate fee. We ask you to report all the places you landed, for statistical purposes and development planning. If necessary, report any shortcomings or damages you have discovered in equipment or locations so that immediate action can be taken.  

Please be aware, that in the Arctic environment the possibility of hypothermia exists all year round. Always keep a spare dry layer of clothing in a waterproof bag and reserve enough food and drink for your trip. Check daily the current and forecasted weather.



Payment and cancellation terms



Reservations for guided and self-guided programs are binding, regardless of the booking method. Reservations can be cancelled 48 hours before the agreed departure time. If cancelled 48-24 hours before departure, we will charge 50% of the fee. If cancellation occurs less than 24 hours before departure, we charge the full price. Exception is thunderstorm and other conditions that are not safe to go to open waters, as well as sudden illness and accident that prevents from participation. In these cases, we primarily try to arrange new service time. As a payment, we prefer cash payments. We also accept bank transfer and debit / credit cards.


Overnight and long tours


The booking will take effect by paying the estimated total price of the package, which will be invoiced in advance. Cancellation policy: 30 days before departure full refund is possible. 29-15 days prior to departure time 50% of the estimated total amount must be paid. Less than 15 days before departure time no refund can be claimed.

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