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Day tour to Risusaari (Äänekoski)

A day in the warmth of the aquatic nature

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Day tour to Risusaari (Äänekoski)
Day tour to Risusaari (Äänekoski)

Paikka & aika

24. syysk. 2023 klo 11.30 – 16.00 UTC+3

Jyväskylä, Taulumäentie 47, 40200 Jyväskylä, Finland

Tietoa tapahtumasta

Participants from Jyväskylä meet at Tavinsulka Aquatic Sports Centrum around 9:30 am. Select the needed equipment, load the trailer and drive to our departure point at the Äänejärvi beach. Please take also the transport ticket (JKL-Äänekoski-JKL), if needed!

 Participants from Äänekoski join us here at around 11 o'clock. Please let us know your height and weight in order to take suitable sized paddle and PFD with us.

Before departure a short introduction to paddling technique and safety then we are off to the tour, and listen the silence of the nature . 

The crystal clear Ala-Keitele attracts with its quiet soundscape. The trip starts from the Äänejärvi beach, in Äänekoski. The first stretch we paddle upsteram of Häränvirta. Our professional guide will escort the tour, helps with paddling technique if needed. The paddling route is about three kilometers in one direction, which takes about an hour, depending on the direction and strength of the wind. On the way, we have time to go around small maze-like islands, hide in a cache of reeds and admire centuries of history at the bottom of the clear water. Together in Risusaari, we prepare a tasty seasonal soup, which we enjoy prompt. While we wait for the food to cook, we can go for a swim or explore the secrets of the island through the light forest, where you can also collect berries for dessert.

The trip is suitable for everyone, from children to the elderly, and no previous paddling experience is required.

 We expect to be back in Jyväskylä around 7pm, but time is just estimated. 

Participation fee includes equipment, food and guide services. 

Transport ticket available separately (JKL-Äänekoski-JKL)


  • Adult

    45,00 €
    +1,13 € palvelumaksua
    Myynti on päättynyt
  • Opiskelija / Student

    41,00 €
    +1,03 € palvelumaksua
    Myynti on päättynyt
  • JKL - Äänekoski - JKL

    Kuljetuslippu / Transport ticket

    20,00 €
    +0,50 € palvelumaksua
    Myynti on päättynyt


0,00 €

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