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Teerinsoidintakatselu / Black Grouse Lek

A glimpse to the Spring wonder

Teerinsoidintakatselu / Black Grouse Lek
Teerinsoidintakatselu / Black Grouse Lek

Paikka & aika

Date and time is TBD

Jyväskylä, Taulumäentie 47, 40200 Jyväskylä, Finland

Tietoa tapahtumasta

With its white wing stripes and a lyre-shaped tail, black grouse (Lyrurus tetrix) is one of the most distinctive large birds in the arctic forests. At dawn in spring they gather in preferred places, called leks, where the cocks perform their mating ritual to the curious females: posturing, flutter-jumping and uttering bubbling sounds. This ‘lekking behaviour’ is often accompanied by the fights of the cocks.

Witness this spectacular performance escorted by our expert guide, who will introduce you to the life of the forests in Central Finland.

The guide picks you up from your hotel at 3:00 am. After some drive and a short walk to the hide we settle, wait and enjoy the scene. As the sun rises the “joust” begins. Other birds and mammals, like cranes, owls, various songbirds, as well as foxes and hares may also be spotted on the open swamp, with good luck. Around 7:30 the Sun is high enough that the tired heroes are retiring to the forest, so we also withdraw from the scene. Alternatively, we depart for your hotel for breakfast, or enjoy our own in the forest with a warm-up walk to the fireplace.

Programme available during the mating season for 3-4 weeks in April-May, upon agreement on any morning. Please contact for arrangements.

Group size: max 4 people

Duration about 5 hours

Participation fee includes: transport, guidance, binoculars, warm cover, snack. Forest breakfast costs an extra 15 euro / person.

NOT including personal outdoor clothing according to the weather. Also bring your own camera 

Attention: These animals follow their virtue. There is no intervention to tease them to place. The programme is satisfaction guaranteed. If grouses are not seen and you are unhappy with the tour, partial or full refund may be negotiated. Please note that in order to minimise the disturbance to the wildlife it is  allowed to visit the site only with Tavinsulka guides.


  • Aikuinen / Adult

    85,00 €
    +2,13 € palvelumaksua
  • Opiskelija / Student

    75,00 €
    +1,88 € palvelumaksua


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