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la 14. lokak.



Weekend retreat in Häähninmäki

A unique location, unique experience. With some good luck we may enjoy Aurora Bolearis from bed.

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Weekend retreat in Häähninmäki
Weekend retreat in Häähninmäki

Paikka & aika

14. lokak. 2023 klo 9.00 – 15. lokak. 2023 klo 19.00

Hankasalmi, Häähnintuvantie 160, 41540 Hankasalmi, Finland


Tietoa tapahtumasta

A  weekend trip to a remote and unique location, the Häähninmäki outdoor area in Hankasalmi, next to Southern Konnevesi National Park. The comfortable Tower Hut is standing at 18 meter height, above treetop. Undisturbed view to any direction to see hills, valleys and lakes, maybe Aurora Bolearis, the northern lights, from bed. Day programmes and activities are depending on the actual weather. Potential selection of activities includes hiking, e-fatbike, SUP and orienteering course, meditation, yoga. Sauna is for sure on the evening and a dip into the forestry pond. Cooking is also a relaxing activity, in which we all participate.

Departure from Tavinsulka Aquatic Sports Centrum, on Saturday at 9 am, return on Sunday evening around 7pm. 

Three types of accommodations available

- Tower house is tempered for +20C, it has two double-sized beds and two mattresses to sleep in one open space.

- Wilderness hut has a wood burning stove to warm the building, which need a little maintenance during the night to keep the temperature, the open space upper floor has 6 mattresses to sleep on.

- Tent or hammock is the most natural way to spend a night in the forest. The fresh air ensures brilliant sleep.

For the Tower House and the Wilderness Hut you may bring your bedsheet & blanket or any level sleeping bag.

For the tent or hammock you need sleeping bag and mattress, appropriate to the prevailing weather. You can bring your own or can rent for an extra 10€. Please mark the need on your enrolment.

Prices are all inclusive from/to Jyväskylä (transport, meals, equipment, sauna, accommodation).


  • Tower house

    Sleeping place in the tower house.

    99,00 €
    +2,48 € palvelumaksua
    Myynti on päättynyt
  • Wilderness Hut

    Sleeping place in the wilderness hut.

    90,00 €
    +2,25 € palvelumaksua
    Myynti on päättynyt
  • Tent

    Sleeping place in tent of hammock.

    80,00 €
    +2,00 € palvelumaksua
    Myynti on päättynyt


0,00 €

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