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The Tavinsulka ACTIV coaching program gives you the opportunity to practice kayaking as a fitness and competitive sport, learn efficient technique and improve your fitness. The coaching program is primarily intended for those who are interested in developing their paddling skills and fitness and participating in a competition in a different state or in Suomi. Participating in the training program is the opportunity to participate in the instruction of an international-level professional coach to go to small group training sessions, independently, five times a week. The coaching group meets at a time agreed with the group members.


You can register for the training until 30.03.2022. The group can accommodate a maximum of 10 people and the minimum group size is five persons. ACTIV coaching price includes Tavinsula's high-quality equipment._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136_bad5cf58d


Book your place in the wettest medal hunt of the summer!


Please read our terms of service at the bottom of the page.

ACTIV Training 2022

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