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Tavinsulka Team

Tavinsulka is a service provider specializing in open water activities and movement in nature. We offer numerous different activities with canoes, kayaks and SUP boards, windsurfing boards, and other gadgets. The program palette stretches from 90 minutes to three weeks in duration. 

At Tavinsula, we respect nature and its diversity and want to ensure its preservation in the future as well. That's why we at Tavinsula follow the principles of sustainable nature tourism of Metsähallitus and participate in the Sustainable Travel Finland and Green Care programs. We also share awareness of this with our customers.

We encourage everyone to boldly go out on the water, even if you have no previous experience of being on the water. Our staff guides you in the use of the equipment and gives route recommendations before departure.​ This way you can safely and enjoyably go kayaking on your own. Shared joy is double joy, if you wish, you can also register for guided programs and courses.


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